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Introducing Amanda, the esteemed shop manager of Kayenna Spa's NW location. With over 8 years of grooming experience and tenure at Kayenna Spa since 2019, Amanda has cultivated a sterling reputation for her exceptional show grooms, a specialty she passionately pursues. Her expertise shines brightest when working with herding dogs, including shepherds, collies, and LGD breeds, where she demonstrates her remarkable skills, including hand stripping. Amanda's unwavering dedication to her craft has garnered recognition in grooming competitions, earning accolades such as ribbons for Novice Sporting and Novice Best in Show categories in 2021. She takes immense pride in delivering top-tier grooming services, embodying a steadfast commitment to excellence in every aspect of her work. Welcoming her furry clientele into Kayenna Spa never fails to bring smiles all around, a testament to Amanda’s unwavering passion and dedication.

Check out Amanda's Portfolio on Instagram:

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