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When you bring in your pet for their Kayenna Grooming experience, they can expect to be relaxed and comfortable. Each grooming session includes a combing out, nail trimming or grind, a bath with top of the line shampoos and conditioners and a calming blueberry facial to finish.

We will hand-dry and fluff your pet with the blowdryer (never kennel dried), then give them a beautiful and professional haircut.


In the end, we will provide you with a verbal report on the health of your pet’s skin and coat. Your family member also deserves incredible spa treatments to reward their extraordinary companionship.


Deluxe Bath

Dogs $65-$140 based on size, breed, and coat type


  • Shampoo & Condition

  • Ear Cleaning 

  • Paw Pad, & Sanitary Trims

  • Brush-Out

  • Blueberry Facial

  • Nail Trim & Grind

  • Bandanas & Bows *Seasonal

Deluxe Bath & Haircut
Dogs $90-$160 based on size, breed, and coat type


  • Stylist Consultation

  • Haircut & Style

  • Shampoo & Condition

  • Ear Cleaning 

  • Eye, Pad, & Sanitary Trims

  • Brush-Out

  • Blueberry Facial

  • Nail Trim & Grind

  • Bandanas & Bows *Seasonal


Nail, Paw & Ear Care


Give your dog a touch up! This is great for that in-between spa appointment. 

Includes Nail Trimming, Nail Grinding, Paw Hair Trimming, Ear Cleaning with a bow or bandana to finish the appointment.

Nail Trim


We recommend a routine pawdicure monthly for dogs and cats, safely trimming nails.

Nail Grind


We recommend a routine pawdicure monthly for dogs and cats, safely trimming nails and grinding to a smooth finish. Finishing the appointment up with a tidy of the paw hair.
Please Note: Nail grinding can only be done if the nails are short enough in length. If they are not, the nails will require a nail trim first before grinding them.



Bath add-on to get your pet’s shedding under control with our special 3-step process, designed to effectively reduce excessive shedding. Our unique combination of special grooming tools and specially formulated enriched shampoo and solutions helps to strengthen hair shafts and release the undercoat. Note: can only be purchased with a full-service bath or haircut.


$15 for each 15 mins

Dematting is the removal of very severe knots in a pet’s coat. We brush out the mats before bathing to avoid the tightening of the knots. This service requires an additional release form, and depending on the severity, brushing out may not be possible. If the coat is too tangled, your pet will require a shave down haircut to remove the mats, alleviate pain, and prevent damage to the skin.

Hand Stripping

$80 per hour

Some dogs can’t be groomed with a shave or a haircut. Instead, their coats need hand stripping. The process of hand-stripping involves removing the dead hairs from the top coat by pulling them out from the roots rather than simply trimming them down. By removing the hairs entirely you will be creating room for the new coat to grow in.


$20 for each 15 mins

Bath add-ons include the face, paw, or feathering of the front and back legs. Any additional trimming requested will require a scheduled haircut package. Note: any trimming service requires a full-service bath.



Our team of skunk-odor destroyers is here to help you get rid of the smell with our professional de-skunk option. Simply add it to either the Deluxe Bath or Deluxe Bath & Haircut packages.

Brushout Plan

$20 for each 15 mins

With the new Brushout Plan our professional grooming staff will brush both top and undercoat at regular intervals throughout the month so you don’t have to! We will also inspect and fix any skin conditions we may notice before they become a problem.
*See Details In Grooming Packages*


Bath $27

We only promote all-natural flea control grooming products that contain non-pyrethroid type compounds to kill fleas, which are safe enough to be used on young puppies and kittens and in conjunction with other spot treatments like Frontline Plus or Advantage.

Medicated Bath


Our medicated bath is a shampoo/rinse treatment for animals suffering with skin issues. The antiseptic disinfectant Chlorhexidine has a wide range of antimicrobial properties that fight against fungi and most bacteria. Great for dogs and cats with yeast or bacteria, and can help as an adjunct for demodectic mange and other pyoderma.

Partial Dye

$21 per area


Add partial dye to your pet’s coat, paws, legs, tail, ears, head, or mohawk. This service is an add-on to a Deluxe Bath or Haircut & Styling package. Please call ahead to see if we have your desired color in stock.

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