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Meet our General Manager for Kayenna Spa, Jessie. Jessie has been grooming for 9 years and has a very successful career specializing in grooming reactive, aggressive, and special needs dogs. Jessie joined the Kayenna Team when it was just a small room with one grooming table and built Kayenna Spa to what it is today; two locations and multiple grooming stations.

What makes Jessie stand out as a reactive specialist groomer is that they take the time to really get to know the source of their client’s reactivity with the goal being to help alleviate the fear and anxiety that can come with being handled and the grooming process in general. Jessie has a reactive dog of their own and personally knows how important it is to have a support system that knows and understands their dog’s reactivity, thus giving their dog the best care and life possible.

Jessie is also well versed in specialized grooming such as show grooms, hand stripping, breed cuts, and pet cuts. This variety of knowledge helps them see to any dogs that come across their table, as well as guide both groomers looking to expand their skill set or pet parents looking to start doing more at home grooming care. Jessie believes that sharing information makes for more confident and knowledgeable groomers and pet parents which leads to a more enriched life to every dog that enters Kayenna Spa.

***Please note: Jessie is not taking any new clientele at this time unless a dog specifically needs them. All new clients must book a 30-minute consultation with Jessie to evaluate if the dog requires their expertise prior to booking in a full service bath or grooming appointment.

Check out Jessie's Portfolio on Instagram:

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